When using BIG Show’s bulk upload tool, images may not be uploaded in the order you intended. To alleviate this issue, we’ve added a one-click Auto-order feature.


Using Auto-order


Auto-order allows you to instantly reorder your BIG Show images in ascending (0-9,A-Z) or descending (Z-A,9-0) order by filename. To use Auto-order:


  • Select a pending BIG Show and click Edit images
  • Click reorder images
  • Above the draggable image list, click either A-Z or Z-A to reorder your images
    • Keep in mind that images will be ordered alpha-numerically. Therefore IMAGE_10.jpg will come before IMAGE_2.jpg, but not IMAGE_02.jpg.
  • Your images will be reordered
  • After using Auto-order, you can continue to reorder your images by dragging and dropping




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