Creating a BIG Show is easy. In fact, once you get the hang of it, you can create a show in just a few minutes.


There are 4 essential steps in creating a BIG Show. That’s right–just 4.


Step 1. Prepare Your Images


Like a website, you shouldn’t use high-resolution images for your BIG Show. Therefore, its important to first batch-process your images using Photoshop, Lightroom, Aperture, or iPhoto. All of these applications allow you to batch-resize images rather easily.


What size should they be? That depends on the theme you intend to use. Browse the BIG Show themes and find the recommended image size for the theme you wish to use. Remember that larger themes require larger images–the side-effect being that they will take longer to load for your visitors. 


Step 2. Create Your Show


Click the Create a New Show link and build your show. Building a BIG Show is a two-page process. On the first page, you’ll set the title, description, music, and colors of your show. After clicking “Continue”, you will be directed to the second page where you’ll upload your images.


You’ll upload images via our bulk upload tool. Click the “Select files” button to open a browse window. Locate your show images on your computer. You can select multiple images by holding down the Command button (on a Mac) or Control button (on a PC) while you click. Once you have selected your images and click the “Select” button, your images will begin uploading.


Step 3. Preview, Tweak, Repeat


After your show is created and images are uploaded, you can now preview your show and tweak it until your heart’s content. Edit your images, change your colors, add music, etc. As long as your show is pending, you can keep



Step 4. Make it Live


Once your show is ready for the world, just make it live by clicking the “complete” link. You can then email it to your friends and customers, add it to your blog, or put a link on your website.

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