Like your website images, BIG Show images must be resized before uploading. This can be done easily with Adobe Bridge and Photoshop using the image processor. 


Step 1.  Create Actions

Take a look at the BIG Show themes available and the recommended image size for the theme you want to use. In Adobe Photoshop, record an action for that specific theme. We recommend you perform the following adjustments to your BIG Show images:


  • Resize the image based on the theme you’re using
  • Perform some sharpening
  • Pad your vertical images with some horizontal canvas space using Image > Canvas Size [Optional]
  • Save for Web (JPEG format, quality of 80 usually works well)


User our actions


If you’d rather not create an action, you can download this one and tweak it as needed:BIG_Show_File_Prep.atn


Step 2. Apply Your Action

From Adobe Bridge:


  • Select the images you wish to process
  • Choose Tools > Photoshop > Batch …
  • From Photoshop’s Batch window, choose the action you wish to apply
  • Select a folder as the destination
  • Make sure “Override action Save As command” is checked
  • Click OK


If you plan to pad your vertical images with extra canvas space, you should process your horizontal and vertical images separately.



Step 3. Create Your Show and Upload Your Images


Once you have processed your images, create a new BIG Show and upload your images. 

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