Bachelor is a premium template designed for Express Digital customers. Here is some helpful information pertaining to the template:

Template Details

Template type STANDARD
Control panel version 2
Supports categories NO
Contact form YES
Supports logo YES
Slideshow in gallery NO
Max galleries 6
Max images per gallery Unlimited

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your image bank and optimized for the web.

Image Width Height
Background image 1005 670
Gallery images 1005 670
Page images 1005 670
Contact image 1005 670

Important note: images used in the Redmond template must be exactly 1005×670 pixels. The template will scale all images to fit in the browser, but they must be this size exactly. When displaying vertical (portrait) images, you will need to pad the image canvas with a solid color or create a composite of multiple images.


Special Features

Gallery menu

Although this template does not support multiple categories, the gallery menu will inherit the name of the first category in your control panel.

Contact Page Image

To add an image to your contact page, upload a file named contact.jpg to your Image Bank. Please note that this template will require a contact page image for the form to load. Please keep this in mind if your contact page is not loading in the future.

Menu item link direct to outside link/ site

To make a page link redirect to some other page (ie. Put the following as the first and only text in the page text: REDIRECT:

Background Texture

You must specify a texture file to be loaded as the background of this site. In Advanced->Extra Files load your texture image as texture.jpg. Now go to Advanced – Template settings and set the Texture file to: texture.jpg

Page Settings

Two additional settings in Advanced->Source Templates (Main HTML source template) allow you to control how pages are displayed.

pageOpacity: sets the opacity of the page text background (0=invisible, 100=full opacity)

pageMargin: pixel value that determines how far off the right edge the page is positioned (0=flush with right edge). This should not be set any higher than about 300 or it may run off the page for smaller monitors

Contact Link: this field allows you to rename the contact page title to whatever you want (i.e. “Email us or Contact Us”)

Full Screen Button

Bachelor has the ability to fill the viewing area of a visitor by pressing the full screen button.  To show the full screen button, enter a value of ‘true’ in the ‘Allow fullscreen button’ field under Advanced > Template Settings.To hide the full screen button, enter a value of ‘false’ in the ‘Allow fullscreen button’ field under Advanced > Template Settings.


FAQ’s – For more questions not covered here make sure to check out our FAQ page


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