Sample Edna

Edna is a Standard template. Here is some helpful information pertaining to this template:

Template Details

Template type STANDARD
Control panel version 2
Supports categories YES
Contact form YES
Contact form Image NO
Slideshow in gallery NO
Supports Logo YES

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your image bank and optimized for the web.

Image Width Height
Background image 900 600
Gallery images 900 600
Background image 900 600

Special Features

Font Size

To change font size on text pages use simple HTML coding: <font size="26">text</font>

Adjust the number in the above code to modify the size of the text.

Contact Page Image

To add an image to your contact page, upload a file named contact.jpg to your Image Bank.

Menu item link direct to outside link/ site

To make a page link redirect to some other page (ie. Put the following as the first and only text in the page text: REDIRECT:


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