Park Avenue is a Premium template. Here is some helpful information pertaining to the template:

Park Avenue Sample

Template Details














Template type PREMIUM
Control panel version 2
Supports categories YES
Contact form YES
Supports logo YES
Slideshow in gallery YES
Maximum galleries UNLIMITED

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your Image Bank.






Image Width Height
Background image 971 527
Gallery images 921 527
Page images – supports 378 446

Special Features

Intro Slideshow

To turn the intro slideshow feature on we just need to go into the advanced tab and edit the ‘main page’ source template. Underneath the line that says:

so.addParam("scale", "noscale");

we just need to add this line:


so.addVariable(“intro”, “3”);


The 3 tells us how many images there are in the slideshow (it can be any number). After that is set, you can just upload images to the extra files section located in the advanced tab that follow the naming convention ‘intro1.jpg’, ‘intro2.jpg’, ‘intro3.jpg.

Note that if a background image is set in the admin tools, this will override the Intro and the intro will not play (you will just see the background image). you will need to make sure the background feature is not checked in the site settings – background.


To add songs to your site, upload them from your Admin panel under: Advanced > Extra Files > Upload New Extra Files. You can upload up to 3 tracks and the file names must be exactly as follows (case sensitive):




The jukebox will read ID3 tags from MP3 files. Depending on what music player you use, you may have to “Convert ID3 Tags…” before they are uploaded to your site. Otherwise the jukebox will not be able to read the author/album information.

Background Texture

You can specify a texture file to be loaded as the background of this site. Just ulpoad an image to the Extra Files located in the Advanced Tab of your admin as: texture.jpg

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