Port San Luis is a Premium template. Here is some helpful information pertaining to the template:

Template Details

Template type PREMIUM
Control panel version 2
Supports categories YES
Contact form YES
Supports logo YES
Slideshow in gallery YES

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your image bank and optimized for the web.

Image Width Height
Intro images 900 550
Gallery images 900 550
Page images 900 550
Contact image 900 550

Special Features

Intro Images

Intro images should be uploaded into the advanced tab under extra files and will play as a slideshow. To control the order of the images please upload the images like this: 01intro.jpg, 02intro.jpg, 03intro.jpg and so on.

Page Linking

To make a page link redirect to some other page (ie. http://google.com) Put the following as the first and only text in the page text: REDIRECT:http://google.com

Contact Page

Just add a page in the pages section titled contact and the contact form will show up on the site. you can also assign an image to this page by selected one from the drop down when editing the contact page.


Port San Luis supports a textured background for the body of your website. The texture needs to be sized around 1400 pixels W x 900 pixels H (doesn’t need to be exactly that size but around there). The file needs to be named texture.jpg and uploaded to the extra files section in the advanced tab of the admin.

Page Font Size

To change font size on text pages use simple HTML coding: <font size=”26″>text</font>

Adjust the number in the above code to modify the size of the text.


Music is uploaded into the advanced tab of the admin under extra files. The jukebox will read ID3 tags from MP3 files. Depending on what music player you use, you may have to “Convert ID3 Tags…” before they are uploaded to your site. Otherwise the jukebox will not be able to read the author/album information.


This template includes a built in availability calendar. To activate it follow these steps:

1. Create a page in the pages section called calendar

2. Go to the advance tab and select template settings

3. Add the title of your availabilty calendar to the field labeled Calendar title

4. Under the field for calendar text please insert the wording you would like to show up on that page. Something like “Dark dates are the days I am unavailable” is recommended

5. Now under Unavailable dates you need to have at least two dates input for the calendar to work. The format is simple. Insert dats with this format: [MM,DD,YYYY][MM,DD,YYYY][MM,DD,YYYY]. Make sure there are no spaces between the sets of dates and no line breaks.

Video Player

Port San Luis has a built-in video player.  To use the video player, upload a video (FLV format only) under Advanced > Extra Files.  Then create a page under Pages.  In the page content area (using standard mode) enter content using the format VIDEO:your_video_file.flvTEXT:your page text here.  Replace ‘your_video_file.flv’ with the file name of the video you uploaded and ‘your page text here’ with the desired text for the page.

Full Screen Button

Port San Luis has the ability to fill the viewing area of a visitor by pressing the full screen button.  To show the full screen button, enter a value of ‘true’ in the ‘Allow fullscreen button’ field under Advanced > Template Settings.To hide the full screen button, enter a value of ‘false’ in the ‘Allow fullscreen button’ field under Advanced > Template Settings. 


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