Reed Market Street is a Premium template. Here is some helpful information pertaining to the template:

Template Details

Template type PREMIUM
Control panel version 2
Supports categories YES
Contact form YES
Supports logo YES
Slideshow in gallery YES

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your Image Bank.

Image Width Height
Intro images 900 600
Gallery images 900 600
Page images 900 600
Contact image 900 600

Special Features

Page & Gallery menu

This template allows you to add pages, categories and galleries to the root/ main menu. You also can create pages that are ‘hidden’ (do not appear in the main menu) but you can link to from an internal page. What is nice with this is you can create a text page called ‘wedding’ or ‘portfolio’ and create links to 20 galleries (if necessary) which are hidden from the main menu. To keep a page from showing up in the menu: Name or Rename it with an asterisk in front of the name.

This will allow you more freedom with gallery and navigational control for your site. To make a link in a page that takes you to a page or gallery:

Add this to your page text, substituting ‘name’ with the name of

the page or gallery, and ‘label’ with what you want the link to say:


If you are trying to link to a page that you’ve hidden from the main

menu, don’t forget the asterisk at the beginning of it’s name!

Intro Images

Intro images should be uploaded into the advanced tab under extra files and will play as a slideshow.

Contact Page Image

To add an image to your contact page, upload a file named contact.jpg to your Image Bank.


Music is uploaded into the advanced tab of the admin under extra files

Help & Support

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