Small Folio is our mobile portfolio application. Small Folio detects and displays your site on mobile devices such as Apple’s iPad, iPhones, and Android and Blackberry smartphones. Now available with all sites, it can be customized using it’s own simple web-based control panel.

Small Folio Screen Shot

Small Folio requirements

Small Folio requires a BIG Folio site using version 3 of our control panel. This includes the following servers:

  • Mattingly
  • Puckett
  • Gooden
  • Dawson
  • Rickey

I have an older website. How do I get Small Folio?

Small Folio is not compatible with older (pre-2008) versions of BIG Folio sites and you will need to upgrade to a newer design. With an upgrade, you can get all the new features of our sites plus Small Folio. To upgrade your site, simply submit a ticket HERE . You will be able to work on your new site while your old site stays live. There is no downtime.

Where is my Small Folio site located?

Your Small Folio site is located on a subdomain of For example, if your domain is, your Small Folio site will be located at

Can I edit my Small Folio site?

Each Small Folio site will look and function great without any modifications. It will automatically sync with your Flash site’s pages, galleries, and videos. If you’d like to customize your Small Folio site further, a simple control panel allows you to edit your colors and other settings.

To edit your Small Folio settings, navigate to the /dashboard page of your site (example: Sign-in with your BIG Folio control panel password.

Small Folio login

Once signed in, you’ll see the status of your Small Folio site. Edit the settings to change the title of your mobile site and set links to your Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Small Folio Settings

By default, your Small Folio site will be using the same color settings as the Flash site so there is no need to make any color changes in the Small Folio dashboard.

Help & Support

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