Logo Design Creative Brief

Logo design for professional photographers

Logo Design Creative Brief

Your professional identity is a key factor in promoting your business effectively and your logo should speak volumes about your presence in your market. We specialize in design and implementation, from the technical to the fanciful, and dedicate personal attention to every client we work with. How to make the design process go smoothly and quickly
Every design project is different.

Be Specific and Thorough

The reality is that too much freedom can hinder the artistic process. Even the best graphics designer needs some direction. A logo should reflect an organization’s values, beliefs, personality, and essence. Although the logo designer is a creative person, they still need you to think about the values of your organization. After all, it will be you running the show. The more active you are in your project, the better the finished product will be, and more often then not, the faster the logo design will be completed. Luckily, you make a significant impact on how long your project takes. The thoroughness and precision in your reviews is essential.

Often the designers will hit a roadblock when the exact vision of the client isn`t met. Rather than expecting the perfect logo on the first, second or even third time, look for elements in each of the samples that you like. Such elements can be fonts, color schemes, layouts, graphic elements. From there, you can make a note of the items you like from each sample
(for example, “the font in sample #3 with the color scheme of sample #8 and the layout in sample #4“).

The beauty of graphic design is that we can mix, match and change these things quickly.

Things to Think About

  • Your overall style
  • Color schemes
  • How do you want your clients to view your business: fun, formal, artsy, simple, classic, etc.
  • Things you don’t like (example “I don’t like floral things, polka dots or the color brown“)
  • Graphic/typographic images you may want to include
    • Abstract
    • Identifiable images (things that relate to your specific industry)
    • Brush strokes, shapes, symbols and artistic elements
    • Font/initial-based logos (using letters & typography in creative ways)

Design Information

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Terms and Conditions

Payment and Refunds
Payment is due up front before any work will start unless otherwise arranged. Due to the custom nature of these products/services, no refunds will be awarded once work has begun.

Completion Times
Design is an extended creative process and completion times can often be hard to predict. We try to complete all projects within 3 weeks, but cannot guarantee a specific timeline. Please keep the path of communication open and touch base with us if you have any questions or concerns.

If for some reason you need to cancel your project before any work has begun you must submit a request in writing (via email to mike@bigfolio.com). We will take your request into consideration and let you know if a refund is possible.

Public Display of Design Concepts
Please DO NOT post your logo concepts on any online forums or on any networking sites (i.e. facebook, myspace, twitter) during our creation process. However, feel free to post your final logo anywhere you would like, once it’s been completed.

Final Files
Clients are allowed to choose only one final logo design. Final designs will be delivered electronically via email. You will receive the original vector file, a PNG file as well as a layered Photoshop file.