Follow these four easy steps to setup your RUBIX site with ProPX ecommerce functionality.

1) Update your site to the latest version

If you can see the update area in the upper-right corner of the admin, make sure to apply the available updates. This will install the latest features to your account.

2) Create a propx account

You can create a new ProPX account here. If you already have a ProPX account, you just need to sign in to your account. You’ll want to make sure you have Stripe integration completed in order to process orders.

3) Retrieve your API key

Once you’ve signed up or logged in, you can get your API key from your profile page. You will find your API key on the right hand side under the API heading.

4) Enter your API key

In the Ecommerce > Settings area of the admin for your site, enter the API key copied in step 2.

Now you’re ready to sell!

Now that you have completed the setup process you’re ready to create products and galleries. Follow these simple steps to start selling directly from your site.

1) Create products

In the Ecommerce > Products area create as many products as you like. Enter a name, price, and description for each.

2) Attach products to galleries and/or pages

To setup a proofing gallery, navigate to the Ecommerce > Proofing Galleries section of the admin and create a gallery using the New Gallery button. Add products to a gallery by selecting some or all from the products drop down menu in when editing a gallery. Upload the desired images and save.

To attach a product to a page, navigate to the desired page under the Pages portion of the admin. Place your curser below the page text where you want the product button to appear. Using the products drop down menu, select the desired product. The product code will be added to the page. Save your page and view it to see the new product button added to the page.

3) View orders

Once orders are placed through your site, they will appear in the Ecommerce > Orders area of the admin. Links next to each transaction are provided in this area to view more detailed information about orders within your Stripe dashboard. To issue a refund, follow the simple steps outlined on this page.

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