Seven sure fire signs it’s time to upgrade your BIG Folio website:

You have maxed out your pages.

Don’t know where to put that new gallery? Or you want to add a new page about your cat Munchkins? No matter what you want to say, or how much you want to say, the new upgrade has you covered with unlimited galleries and pages.

You can’t feature video on your site.

Don’t know where to put the highlight reel of your recent work? Or you’ve resigned to the fact that you just can’t feature video on your site? Install the new upgrade and rejoice – the video player is yours at last!

Clients can’t see your site on their smart phone.

Does handheld technology have you wishing for mobile capabilities? Wish no more, the new upgrade gives clients ultimate access to your portfolio by automatically translating your site for smart phones and tablets.

You still tell people to “find me on Facebook’ or ‘”follow me on twitter.”

That’s cool – it gets the job done. Or, you could upgrade your site and embed interactive Facebook and Twitter icons. Why say it when you can show it?

You don’t know what BIG Show is.

No, it’s not the circus or some traveling road show. BIG Show is our feature that allows you to instantly create elegant slideshows to post in your blog or email to clients. It even maintains your brand by letting you upload color and logo settings.

Check it out here:  http://bigfolio.com/big-show/

Your site would be featured on a VH1 “Remember the 2000’s” special

Your site may not scream “OUTDATED” but it still may be in need of some spring-cleaning. Upgrade now and give your site a fresh look with the new, fully customizable design features.

You’re looking to save a nickel

We get it – you’re watching your budget and making smart investments. Well done. To honor you and help you keep on the straight and narrow we are offering this upgrade at the discounted rate of $249.00. If you really want to save, we’ll add a year of hosting to the upgrade for only $349.00

There you have it. Take a minute to browse our new designs then fill out the form below.

Upgrade Inquiry Form:

What happens now?

After filling out the form, we will contact you within 1 business day for payment and billing information. Please note, you will be able to work on your new site while your current site is live.