Here’s the scoop: When a client fills out a contact form on your site, the contact submissions will be sent to whatever email address you have in your admin profile.

If you are not receiving the submissions, your email provider (ex:, is most likely marking those¬†submissions as spam. You will want to unmark those messages as spam and move them to your inbox. Once you have done that, we recommend adding the contact form “from” address to your list of email contacts so that it will not do that again.

Sometimes email providers will even completely block the submissions and you will not receive anything at all (ex:, This is out of our control because we don’t control email providers, so we recommend using an alternate email address to avoid this issue completely.

THE GOOD NEWS: ¬†You are never without a record of submitted contact messages regardless of what email you use because there is always a copy of all submitted contact forms in your admin under the Statistics tab–messages area. Whew!

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