For FLASH designs only:

You can use the video upload tool just like you would with photos but any videos over 32MB need to be uploaded using an ftp client (fetch, cyberduck, transmit). Videos go in httpdocs and then the videos folder. You can request ftp access to your site here. Keep your video file names under 255 characters and do not use ampersands (&) or pluses (+) in the file names of your videos.

How do I upload a thumbnail?

Videos must be assigned to a gallery first. Once a video is added, browse your computer for a thumbnail (make a screenshot of the movie beforehand) and hit upload. Keep your thumbnail file names under 255 characters.

How do I get videos to display on my site?

Create a category then add a gallery to it. Once videos are added to galleries, they will appear on your site.

What video formats are supported?

mov, mp4*, m4v and flv.

Recommended Codecs:
Choose H.264 for the video codec. Choose AAC for the audio codec.

Recommended Data Rate:
1500 kbps. This can be higher or lower, but it will increase or decrease file size accordingly.

Recommended Size:
This depends on your template and should never exceed the size of your gallery images.

Recommended Sample Rate:
44.100 kHz

Recommended Audio Bit Rate:

Streaming should be enabled in the export settings. In some cases this is called “Web optimized”.

*Mp4 files don’t stream correctly for all versions of flash player. Flash player 9.06 or higher is recommended to properly stream .mp4 file. Mp4 files should be exported using “Fast Start – Compressed Header” or comparable export setting.

Can I add more than one video to a gallery?

Yes, you can add as many as you like. Visitors will hit the next button to see the next video or look at the thumbnails to decide which one to watch.

Here is a helpful video:

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