Before Going Live

  1. Have you setup your email accounts?
  2. Have you tested your contact form?
  3. Do you have files or 3rd party apps on your existing host? Files like slideshows/movies/blogs?
    (if so, submit a support ticket for assistance in moving files over)

Edit Your Name Servers

Once you are ready for your BIG Folio site to be live on your domain, find the two nameservers below for your account by matching up your temporary URL with the ones below. Then give those name servers to your current domain company. The information will need to be reported to your domain company as your new DNS (Domain Name Servers) information.

It’s important to note that we are not a registrar/domain company and this is not a setting we can update. We do not own your domain, we only host it. Please check your records for where you registered your domain. (Some common domain companies are Network Solutions, GoDaddy, Hostway, etc.) If you have forgotten who your domain company is, you can go to and input your domain name to find the information.

You will need to access your domain account and change the nameservers for your domain. NOTE: Once your settings have been updated, it can take between a couple hours and two days before your site is live for all Internet visitors. You may see some changes occur during the transition which is normal.

What are My Name Server Settings?

It depends on which server your BIG Folio site resides on. You can easily determine this based on the temporary URL of your site.

Name Servers for Your Site

Sites on , ,and and should use the following name servers:


Sites on,, and and should use the following name servers:


If you need name server details for an older design, please submit a support ticket.

Help & Support

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