Linking your Nextproof URL to your Big Folio flash website allows you to create a page that dynamically shows all your Nextproof events. Don’t have Nextproof? Check it out HERE .

note: you must have Nextproof galleries created before you link up your Nextproof URL: Video on creating Nextproof galleries

here is how you configure it: (if you don’t have the options below in your big folio admin… you willl need to upgrade to take advantage of this feature)
1. Navigate to your Site Settings>profile tab in your website admin and enter in the appropriate settings:


2. Navigate to your Pages tab in your admin and create the page you want the Nextproof galleries to show up on:

I’ve created a page called Client Login


3. finally click the EDIT button next to the page title and check the box below titled Add proofing links to this page and hit SAVE changes :


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