What should you size your logo to?
A good place to start is around 400 width by 100 height in pixels. If you need the logo bigger/smaller, just resize the logo in your image editing program and then re-upload into the admin.

What formats can my logo be?
You can use .jpg or .png format for your logo.

We recommend a transparent .png format. Once you have your logo properly set, select File > Save for Web and Devices. Select ‘PNG-24′ from the presets drop down menu. Make sure transparency is selected.

Logo Design
Need to re-brand your logo? Please submit a support ticket here and we can make a recommendation.

Logo not showing up?
Some logos will have extremely long filenames once you are done saving them or your designer has sent them over to you. If the logo file name is long we recommend renaming it to something short and simple like logo.jpg or logo.png.

Help & Support

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