Glowmont Sample

Glowmont Sample

Glowmont is a standard template. Here is some helpful information pertaining to the template:

Design Details

Glowmont allows for a home slideshow, 1 gallery with up to 50 images, 1 page, 1 link, and a contact form.

Site Colors Settings:

Go to Site Settings/Colors in your site control tools

You will find the ability to change about nine(9) colors from the Colors section.

Color Name Color Description
Title Color: Colors the logo if no logo file is used.
Text Color: Colors the page text, header text, contact form field background, and send button background.
Body Color: Colors the body background. If a texture file is specified it will overlap this color. Colors contact form field backgrounds and send button text.
Secondary Color: Colors the line below the menu and background of the footer area.
Border Color: Colors border and outline elements and image category shadows.
Page Background Color: Not used.
Custom Color 1: Colors the menu items, highlighted menu item underline, copyright text, gallery navigation, and any page links (including sub page links).
Custom Color 2: Colors the items colored by custom color 1 on mouse over where a mouse over state exists.
Custom Color 3: Not used.

Image Sizes

All images should be uploaded to your image bank and optimized for the web.

Image Width Height
Intro images 1200 800
Gallery images 1200 800
Page images 400 600

Special Features / Template Settings


A good place to start is around 200 width by 70 height in pixels. If you need the logo bigger/smaller, just resize the logo in your image editing program and then re-upload into the admin.

Intro Images

Under Site Settings > Home/Intro upload images for the intro or background image that appears when your site opens. Press the upload new file button under Background/Intro and select a new image to upload. Intro images should be optimized and sized according to the template image specifications. Drag and drop the images to reorder them. Press the delete button on the right to delete an image.

Texture file

Upload an image for the background texture under Site Settings > Texture. Press the upload new file button under Texture and select a new image to upload. Texture images should be sized to a minimum of 1400 x 1050 pixels. To remove the texture press the delete button to the right of the image.

***Textures are an easy way to set your site apart and give it depth. We have an incredible set of texture packs to choose from created directly by our developers for you HERE.

Font modifiers

Font Modifiers allow you to increase or decrease the size of the text from its default size (set at 0) for your Site Title, Navigation, and Pages. This is most helpful when selecting fonts that render at small sizes.

Contact menu label

Under Site Settings > Template Settings enter the desired label for the button that opens the contact form.

Menu link

Glowmont allows for a link to be placed on the main menu. Under Site Settings > Template Settings enter a link label and url setting in the Menu link label and Menu link url fields. The label is used for the menu item text, and the url is used for the link attached to the menu item.

Slideshow speed

Under Site Settings > Template Settings enter the amount of time in seconds an image should display in intro and gallery slideshows before loading the next image.

Image Border Thickness

This setting controls the thickness of gallery and home image borders. Use the slider under Site Settings > Template Settings to increase or decrease the size of image borders. Setting the image border to 0 will remove image borders.


Because Glowmont is an HTML site, you can embed youtube, vimeo, and other third party video players. Simply paste embed code on a page using the simple text editor when editing a page. The simple text editor can be accessed from the simple text editor link under the rich text editor when editing a page.

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