This info is here for current clients who already use Google Apps for email. New clients should look here for email instructions. (Please contact support if you have any questions on this subject.)

Once your Google Apps account has been created, then you can manage email for your domain using their web-based control panel. **Email coming into the account will begin working once you make your site live.

The control panel will be located at the following address:

Where should be replaced with the domain of your website. Once you have signed-in (using your primary account name), you can create additional email accounts, nicknames (aliases), and email lists (addresses that forward to multiple accounts).

How do I use webmail?

You can access webmail for any account on your domain by visiting the following address:

Where should be replaced with the domain of your website.

How do I check mail using an email client?

Google Apps/Gmail supports POP and IMAP access using your favorite email client on both Windows and Apple computers. We recommend IMAP access. You can setup your email client once your site is live. To setup your email client:

  • Sign-in to your email account and select Settings
  • Select the Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab
  • Enable POP and/or IMAP access for your account
  • Visit Google’s IMAP or POP configuration instructions for details on configuring your email client

Difference between POP or IMAP

1. A one-way communication path (POP). Your device asks us for data and pulls it from our servers — but that’s it. Things you do on your device have no effect on the server. If you read a message on your phone, then log in to Google Apps, you will see that same message marked as unread. It may start to feel like Groundhog Day.

2. A two-way communication path (IMAP). Unlike with POP, your devices talk back to our servers and sync your changes automatically with IMAP. When you sign in to your Google Apps account in a web browser, actions you’ve taken on your email client or mobile device (like putting a message in a ‘work’ folder) will also appear in Google Apps (your message will already have a ‘work’ label on it). This all happens automatically once you set up IMAP, so you don’t have to read or sort all your mail twice. This is really helpful when accessing Google Apps from multiple devices.

Important Tips for properly using Google Apps:

  • Do not use Google Apps for email marketing of any kind. Google will blacklist your account and you won’t be able to use email at all. We suggest using email marketing companies like Campaign Monitor or Mad Mimi.
  • You need to log into your email online (webmail) from time to time to check the spam box. Google Apps spam protection is very good but mistakes can happen and it cannot be turned off.
  • If you are having issues configuring your email client (Outlook, Macmail, etc.) you are not without your emails. Remember that you can sign into your google apps web account ANYTIME if you are having issues with your email client. If you cannot get your email client working properly, please make sure to double check your settings for the POP or IMAP account you set up before submitting a support request.
  • You can also set your Vacation Responders for each account. Here is a helpful tutorial on doing that.

How do I get additional help?

Google Apps provides extensive online help with email setup and configuration.

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