In your website admin panel there is the ability to boost your Search Engine Optimization so that your website will index better on search engines. This is found under the “Site Settings” link and then “Browser Settings”. You can edit the browser title, keywords and description of your website

Browser Title
This is the title displayed at the top of your browser window. This is a crucial factor for SEO and should contain important keywords. ex: Websites and proofing for professional photographers | BIG Folio

These are the keywords displayed on the meta tags of your site. You can separate the keywords with a comma. ex: bend, oregon, flash, websites, photography

This is the description of your site and is used by some search engines when displaying results.
ex: BIG Folio is Mike Caston, Erik Dungan, Jeff Caston, Eric Bjella, Elaine Cheek, Ben Becker and a host of other cool people. Located in Bend, Oregon.

Page and Gallery Optimization
With our RUBIX platform, you have the added benefit of entering titles and descriptions for all pages and galleries. In the admin simply edit the page or gallery you want to optimize and enter the desired title and description. The title and description should be unique and relevant to the content on the page or gallery.

SEO Service by Big Folio
Not sure how to optimize your site? We know Flash and HTML5 websites and how to optimize them. Our optimization service can help your site attract more potential customers. Find out more info about our SEO service HERE .

If you feel up to it, we also offer a do-it-yourself Rank Higher SEO DVD that demonstrates many of the steps we use and includes access to our exclusive optimization forum. Check out that option HERE .

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