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Bigfolio is more than just your average website builder. Bigfolio is a custom site platform with unprecedented layout control and SEO tools which allows you to create a stunning site to show off your work, rank higher, and get noticed faster.

Just select a template, add your content and images start showing off your work. Simple, Easy and Professional!

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Even More Control

Expanded Options

The RUBIX CMS includes an expanded layout area.

Adjust Positions

Change the position of your logo and navigation menu at any time.

Text Alignment

Adjust the text alignment of navigation elements.

Gallery Styles

Choose from a growing list of gorgeous gallery styles.

Thumbnail Styles

Separately choose from various thumbnail options.

Even Better SEO

Fine-grained SEO controls with per-page titles and more.


How much do your sites cost?

We have 3 plans available. View our pricing plans for details. View our pricing plans for details.

Can I try a site before purchasing?

Yes. You can create a trial site with no credit card required. Create a demo site now to get started.

When does my subscription start?

Your monthly subscription starts as soon as you sign-up for a paid site.

Can I host the site on my current host?

At this time, sites can only be hosted on our professional-grade hosting platform.

What is your refund/cancellation policy?

Our guarantee: if you're not completely satisfied, cancel within 30 days of signing up and receive a full refund. There are no contracts or long-term commitments. You may cancel your account at any time.

Will my new site be live immediately?

No. We will setup your site on a temporary address while you customize it. As soon as you're ready, going live is easy. Plus, you can continue to customize your site after it's live.

Can I change the colors of the site?

Yes. Our feature-rich control panel allows you to change colors, add your logo, add music, and more.

Can I create external links and menu items?

Yes. It's easy to create menu items and links to external sites, blogs, or proofing galleries. You can even link to your Facebook and Twitter accounts with ease.

Can I have one of these designs customized?

Absolutely! If you need a feature beyond what our comprehensive control panel can do, simply contact us for an estimate.

Are your sites mobile/tablet friendly?

Yes. Mobile versions of your site are included for viewing on iPhones & tablets.

Are your sites SEO friendly?

Absolutely. Our team has years of experience helping photographers rank higher in search engines. Our sites are designed to rank well and our control panel gives you the ability to update important ranking factors.

Is a blog included?

Yes. We can install WordPress with all new sites. A default WordPress theme is included. If you'd like a different theme there are tons online for you to choose from and upload to your WordPress. You can also easily move your existing WordPress blog to your new site.

Can I host slideshows or other files on your server?

Generally, yes. FTP access to your hosting account is included. Our servers support most PHP and Ruby on Rails applications, including WordPress. Please contact us if you have specific application hosting requirements.

Urban Grace

Erika Powell is one of the most talked about designers of the moment. Her design firm, Urban Grace Interiors, has been heralded by countless publications, from Traditional Home and Coastal Living to The San Francisco Chronicle and The Washington Post.

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The Leonardi

The Leonardi is one of BIG Folio's only Indonesia- based clients. The Leonardi specializes in both photography & videography.

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Carrie Sandoval

Carrie is a baby photographer based in Southern California. She has been recognized both local and world wide for her inventive, conceptual photography work with newborn babies. She is constantly challenging herself by using newfangled poses and props. Each and every baby is a complete inspiration. See Carrie's work here.

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